Photovoltaic Kit 20-50-110 W

Photovoltaic Kit 20-50-110 W
Datasheet 20W

Datasheet 50W

Datasheet 110W


The employed photovoltaic solar systems which are considered battery charger readyto-use, are complete with loading regulator, cable and connector. They are useful for the
maintenance of the batteries by avoiding self-discharge and the nominal tension is for
batteries at 12V.
The advantages are as follow: avoid of environmental pollution, maintenance reduction, performance increase, possible to use everywhere there is sunlight.
The single crystal photovoltaic systems are built using single crystal photovoltaic cells which have performances and reliability on the maximum values.
The systems are mounted on an predrilled aluminium frame for an easy installation on a support structure.
The electrical terminals of the cell series are fixed on a waterproof box mounted on the back side of the system with incorporated by pass diodes.