Our mission

“Offer a service means provide a personalized added value”

Andrea Caini, shareholder and Purchase Manager

Since the beginning and thanks to the experience in the accident prevention of the founder Giovanni Battista Pisticchia, SISAS’s mission was the pedestrian and users safety, working on the efficiency and quality of its products, made in accordance with the present rules and with recycled materials. Reliability, professionalism and punctuality are features that characterize SISAS in the road safety field, and make it one step forward its competitors.

Research and Development

“We don’t hide mistakes, we solve them and we improve from them”

Leo Negozio, shareholder and SISAS BG Manager

The main reason of the progressive growth of SISAS is connected to the independent innovation of the company, able to meet the needs of new markets. Starting from Defleco invention, the spirit of the company has never ignored changes and evolution. More than ever, SISAS cooperates with engineers and software experts design and realize materials that are at the forefront of technology and production quality, able to support the company mission of the pedestrian safety. Thanks to the contributions of research programs, SISAS went beyond the simple concept of the road signage following two parallel paths: on one side using recycled materials to save the costs and to have an eco-friendly approach; on the other side using technology combined to the digital contents of the new vehicles to improve the road signage and have a safe drive in a safe road. About innovation, SISAS goes on to improve its products constantly, thanks to the lean production system, used both during the production and in the internal management of the company to reduce waste, optimize the production (not in “lots” but in “orders”) and to reduce the stock of the warehouse and save some costs.

Values and mission

“The company’s success depends on harmony, balance and mutual respect”

Mauro Manganello, shareholder and Accounting Manager

There are several factors that have allowed SISAS to maintain a high position in the marketplace through the years. In addition to innovation SISAS can count on a big range of products, the ability to respond to the different needs and to be able to advance the needs of the market before the competitors. This has a great effect on the human side that the shareholders and the staff build through the years. The ability of the company to grow has always been connected to the different and complementary skills, that have found a productive and harmonious balance through the years. A sort of virtuous circle where there is the chance to recommend, mediation and mutual esteem that brought to a constant and measured development, searching for efficiency and marginality. Starting from this, SISAS looks to the future to open its doors to next generations and to new know-how, searching for the customer satisfaction and the increase of the financial profit, with cautiousness and measurement.