Who we are

“The balance between experience, prudence and innovation is the key to success. My job is to transmit my know-how to new generations”.

Giovanni Battista Pisticchia, Founding Member

SISAS is a leading company in the field of road signage and safety, able to respond with a wide range of products to the needs of security and monitoring of traffic and mobility, both on the road and within the working environment. With its wide range of products, ranging from signage to traffic monitoring and mobility systems, SISAS works every day to achieve the precise goal of raising the level of safety on the road and within the working environment, combining technology and experience to create products that are more and more performing and able to protect at the same time the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Thanks to its presence both in Italy, in Perugia, and abroad, with its headquarters in Bulgaria, SISAS is a reference point and a guarantee of quality and professionalism in the field of signage and research sector development both in Italy and in Italy’abroad.