Our History

In the mid- 1990s, Sisas acquired the 83% majority share of the bulgarian company SI.ZE, becoming the majority shareholder of the company and increasing the investments and the workforce in the rubber area. The company has grown continuously in Bulgaria and in the early 2000 SISAS BG born with Sisas as the majority shareholder of 85%. Its production is based on plastic(such as road mirrors) and electronic components. The company growth and the different production sites required a better organization, for this reason in 2003 Sisas Segnaletica, an operating company hold 100% by Sisas, reabsorbed in 2011, was born.

The crisis of 2008

Starting from the beginning SISAS has been a dynamic company, able to handle and to adapt itself to the opportunities that the market offers. This ability and the growth orientation are always characterized by an accurate choice, considering the profit and the human responsibility, without high risks. These strengths helped SISAS to overcome the crisis in 2008 and made the company grow also in this difficult period. A whole series of changes in the financial approach and the increase of the products’ portfolio led the company to obtain the market share held before by 3M.


Today Sisas SpA is a national leader company in the traffic signage and innovation. The evolution was not just in the economic aspect, but also in the internal management: with the adoption of the lean production system in the production processes and in the internal logistic organization. SISAS represents a flexible and dynamic reality, aimed to optimize and reduce waste, always trying to grow in any of its sectors. In 2016 SISAS was able to demonstrate once again the human side of the company and implemented a welfare plan to provide the medical expenses of the employees.