Barrier with 5 Led Optics

Barrier with 5 Led Optics



The five lights barrier is composed by a folded bar in black color, by 5 LED lights, by a piloting central board, by a remote control connected via cable and by 5 meters power supply cable.
The low side of the barrier is composed by n.2 reserved “U” barrier connected using screws, inside the barriers there are the connection cables between the lights and the power supply.
Each single light is composed by a front side luminous LED amber lens and a back side orange case in moplen for the application on the barrier.
The piloting circuit managed by micro controller is placed in a proper box connected to the last right light of the sequence.
The remote control is equipped with 6 positioning lights of the commutator for the selection of the required configurations; it is connected to the piloting central board through 5 mts cable.
The barrier configuration permits a large possibility of applications for reinforcing the signals or for the installation on any working vehicle.
The right working of the barrier is managed by the remote control.
The remote control is furnished of 5 luminous indicators that reproduce the luminous configuration present on the barrier.
The ignition and the selection of the different luminous configurations is made by pressing the button on the remote control, the switching off is made by pressing the button for around 4 seconds.

Additional information

Weight9.5 kg
Dimensions17 × 140 × 28 cm