New Jersey

New Jersey in polyethilene



The new jersey are made of white/red colored polyethylene depending on the needs, they are made by blow molding without any joints or welds, increasing the resistance to hurts and to the pressures.
They also have two screws caps on the top and at the bottom used to fill and to empty them.
Every single module has frontal joints useful for fixing them in any surface, even in sharp bends.
On the body there is a level indicator (80 liters) that permits high stability to the ground.
On the superior part is located a circular housing (depth 5 cm), made on the body, that allows the application of supports (maximum height 80 cm) of 48 mm
diameter, used to place direction or warning signals (road and light signals).
The new jersey is firstly positioned empty andthen is filled with water or sand.
This operation is very easy thanks to the lightweight of every single module.

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions100 × 40 × 60 cm