“Galileo” Radar Junior

“Galileo” radar junior


The Galileo Junior radar is a system based on doppler effect able to detect vehicles at great distances, with two different modes: tracking and counting.
In the tracking modality is possible to detect vehicles from long distances.
The software allows the system to reach the speed of a vehicle until this is inside the radar beam area.
The system must be installed at an angle of measure close to 0° (in relation to the road axis).
In the counting mode the software allows the system to visualize the speed of the vehicle inside the beam area, its length (in m) and the temporal gap between a vehicle and the following one.
These information are provided for each vehicle inside the radar beam.
In this kind of mode, the radar must be installed with a measuring angle of 45° (respect to the road axis) and small distances from the vehicle detected (on the order of ten meters).

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Weight0.17 kg
Dimensions9 × 5 × 12 cm