Interactive Signals “Ice 500”

Interactive Signals “Ice 500”




The ICE 500 is an electronic device used to prevent road accidents caused by the ice present on the street.
The device is made of two optics with 100 mm diameter, installed on a sign, that start working in case of danger. The purpose of this product is monitoring the temperatures that can produce ice on the road, because of this the unit is equipped with a digital sensor that can measure the temperature and the humidity.
The control card has an internal memory in order to memorize the values. The system is also available in the “remote” version that
allows the installation of a GSM modem that is useful to send warning messages to indicate the presence of ice.
The system works using a small solar panel, that makes the device very easy to install and to maintain.

Additional information

Weight19.0 kg
Dimensions6 × 60 × 90 cm