Warning Trailer Fig. 400

Warning Trailer Fig. 400



Road trailer kg 750 is composed by the following parts: Zinced steel frame. Charge case fixed on the principal frame realized in zinced steel with 3 parts: closed case to house the 2 pieces 12 V batteries with aluminium cover, handle and lockable hinges, 2 open cases for the transport of the material. Upper structure fixed to the frame is composed by the panels with led and by the bended upright that support the upper side panel. Lower panel is fixed directly to the main frame in vertical position and to the bended uprights that grant the stability.
Upper panel is connected to the low panel using hinges that permit the rotation at 130°.
The opening and closing of the panel is facilitated thanks to the presence of 2 tongs (one for side) and of a rigid pole that permits the manual movement from the operators and grant the fixing of the opening and closing of the trailer. The trailer is equipped with: mechanical brake with front command;
adjustable shaft in height without repulsion type AL-KO; front wheel adjustable in height; AL-KO type axle with suspension with independent wheels, longitudinal arms and rubber torsion bars, back side stables foot with manually height regulation; spare wheel. The working of luminous signals located in the upper panel can be controlled by optics repeater and selecting by an electronic central board, in the central board there is a commutator for the choice of the luminous lights. The arrow located in the back side frame can be manually moved unblocking the central pin with tong. The trailer is equipped with electronic central board for the working of the lights at 12V and 24 V c.c. open trailer.

Additional information

Weight750 kg
Dimensions288.5 × 220 cm