Road Mirror “Archimede”

Road Mirror “Archimede” Ø 60 – 80 – 100 cm



The circular yellow mirrors are made of plastic materials treated to ensure high impact resistance, weathering, UV rays and dust.
The mirror is made by a front side white case with black inserts along all the edges, and a convex mirror protected by a black rubber gasket.
To ensure that the mirror reflecting part snaps into the rear body tightly, the entire edge around the reflecting part has a rubber gasket kept by high resistant glue. The mirror at the back has a galvanized and painted steel bracket for fastening onto poles and/or supports with minimum diameter of 60 mm diameter and flat attacks for round poles with a diameter of 48 mm and for square poles with maximum side of 60 mm; the bracket allows height, vertical and horizontal adjustments.
If it is subject to a violent blow by an outside object, the reflecting part will break but it will not shutter and thus cannot cause injury or property damage.

Additional information

Weight3.7 kg
Dimensions73 × 73 × 17 cm