PRIVACY POLICY (in compliance with ART. 13 DEL D.LGS 196/2003)

The company owner has also the property of this web site and every action is fulfilled in order to respect user’s rights and privacy. User’s rights:

1. This web site collects user’s data to be processed and archived anonymously and aggregately;

2. data processing will be carried out by automated and non-automated services, in compliance with the regulations of Privacy Code about security and privacy;

3. user’s data are essential for web site use and they will not be broadcasted outside the company;

4. data will be preserved for no longer than one year and used only for the above-mentioned purposes;

5. The web site user and data owner has right to claim for the confirmation of the existence of data and their use, for data update, delete or change, and for the opposition to their use in case of breach of law, complying with art. 7 del D.Lgs. 196/03. The user can exercises these rights through a written request contacting directly the web site owner.


Cookies are small text files automatically placed in the user’s pc, inside the Internet browser. These files contain information about the Internet surfing and the browser can recognize them every time the user enters the web site.

Cookie use in this web site

This web site uses cookies, owing also to third parties, to improve the surfing experience and to allow the web site user to enjoy our online services and see preferential advertising.Cookies used in this web site belong to the categories described below.

Cookie management

Technical cookies

Web site functioning activity
Technical cookies are essential to the web site correctly operate, for instance keeping the user connected to the web site during visiting all the web site pages.

Preference saving activity
These cookies allow the user to save some preferences for the best experience of the web site (for instance, language).

Statistic and audience measuring activity
These cookies collect data about user activities in the web site, such as sections visited, time of permanence in each section, possible dysfunctions. These data enable us to fix web site surfing problems.

Statistic and audience measuring activity by third parties

These cookies provide anonymous and aggregate information about how users visit the web site. Corresponding privacy policy links are reported below.

Adobe – Adobe Analytics: statistical system – analytic cookies – privacy policy – privacy policy 

Nielsen – SiteCensus: statistic system – analytic cookies – privacy policy privacy policy

Social media sharing cookies

These cookies enable the web site to be connected and integrated with the main social media functions. They are specifically aimed at: signing in and logging in the web site through Facebook and Google connect, content sharing, comment posting, liking on Facebook and marking “+1” on Google+.
Corresponding privacy policy links are reported below.

Facebook – social media – privacy policy
G+ – social media – privacy policy
Youtube – social media – privacy policy
Twitter – social media – privacy policy
Linkedin – social media – privacy policy
Pinterest – social media – privacy policy

You can manage your cookie preferences also by using the browser

How to manage cookies with Internet Explorer
Click on “tools”, “Internet options”, “Privacy”, move the cursor to the top to lock every cookie or to the bottom to allow all cookies. Then click on “ok”.

How to manage cookies with Firefox
In the browser menu, select “tools”, “options”, “privacy”, deselect “accept cookies” and then “ok”.

How to manage cookies with Safari
In the browser menu, “modify”, “preferences”, “Privacy”, select “cookies Block” and click on “ok”.

How to manage cookies with Google Chrome
On the tool bar, click on “menu”, “setting”, “show advanced setting”, “privacy”, “content setting”, “cookies”, deselect “Allow local data to be set” and “block third-party cookies and site data”, then click on “ok”.

If you use an other browser, look for cookie management in browser settings.